Here at Horizon, we have a number of marquees that can be booked for loan and used by our community. There is no cost to take advantage of this service.

Important information regarding Horizon Bank community marquees:

  • Are all-aluminium framed and have four legs, one in each corner of the marquee.
  • All marquees are a standard 3m x 3m size.
  • Marquees weigh approximately 23kg and are stored in wheeled bag that are approximately 160cm in length and 40cm x 40cm in width.
  • It is recommended for the marquee to be pegged to the ground at all times when in use.
  • The marquee must be dried out before being placed back in it's bag to prevent mould.
  • When secured to the ground, the maximum safe wind speed is 30 knots (55km/h).

Most Horizon Bank branches have a marquee available for use by members and the broader community. To enquire into availability or to make a booking, pop into your local branch or email