An everyday account for not-for-profit community groups.


Product Features:

Everyday Accounts
Interest rate : 0.01% pa
Minimum Amount : $0
Interest : Calculated daily, paid monthly
Funds Available : At call
Account keeping fees : No
Transaction fees & charges : Please refer to the Fees and Charges brochure for the fee structure
Online & Mobile Banking : Yes
Phone : Yes
Cheque book : Yes
BPAY® : Yes
Periodical payments : Yes
Direct Debit : Yes
Direct credit : Yes
External funds transfer : Yes
Branch access : Yes

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Important Information:

*The organisation must be a non-profitable, a charity or non-licenced group/organisation. There must be an elected committee. Signed copies of the minutes from the last Annual General Meeting must be presented if the organisation/group is new, or a copy of the formation minutes will suffice. The organisation must not have paid employees.