What is Opening Banking?

Open Banking, also called the Consumer Data Right, is a legislation passed by the Australian Government, which gives you greater access and control over the data kept about you.

When does Open Banking begin?

We will be providing publicly available information about some of our products through a new Product API (Application Programming Interface).

From July 2021, you will be able to consent to us sharing specific types of your banking data, such as account information and transaction history, with accredited third parties. You will have full control over what is shared, with whom and for what purposes.

What are the Open Banking APIs?

Designed in accordance with the Australian Consumer Data Standards, under the Consumer Data Right, Horizon Bank Open Banking APIs enable third parties to access information about our products.

Horizon Bank Product Details APIs

Developers can use the below API to obtain information about all of Horizon Bank's products.


To obtain detailed product information, simply add the Product ID with a forward slash / after products in the above URL. Here is an example: products/"S1_S1001"


The Product ID can be found within the data provided in the API link above. 

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