Want to know how Horizon Bank is giving back to the local community?

Horizon Bank’s Community Grants Program has created a meaningful impact by helping those with positive initiatives make them happen. Through our grants program, we strive to provide opportunities for individuals and organisations that need assistance to create beneficial impact.

From providing vital equipment that aids in air, land and sea rescues to green energy installations as well as accessibility solutions for those with disabilities — we are proud of the transformative efforts these projects have instigated within the communities they serve.


About the Program

In creating the Horizon Bank Community Grants Program, our mission was, and is, to provide funding opportunities to organisations that provide lasting benefits to the local communities in which we operate.

To date, we have put over $50,000 in funding back into our communities via some very worthwhile projects.

Applications for grants are opened to the public once a year and announced via our website, newsletter and social media channels. To meet eligibility criteria, it is important for there to be project sustainability. Organisations must demonstrate how a grant will make an ongoing positive impact to the lives of those in their community.

Volunteers at Bega District Rescue Squad help to keep our community safe

Earlier this year, a grant application was submitted by Kevin from the Bega District Volunteer Rescue Squad. Since 1975 this team of volunteers has been providing timely rescue responses in motor vehicle accidents, search and vertical rescue.

Kevin approached Horizon Bank about acquiring funding via a grant to purchase an LX Ram C and a LX Ram Claw and had their grant application approved.

This equipment enhances the operational capabilities for Bega District Rescue Squad in the extrication of casualties in motor vehicle accidents when every moment matters. Due to the ever-changing construction of motor vehicles it is important that rescue equipment is up-to-date to ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved.

Do you know of an organisation that could benefit from funding opportunities?

Horizon Bank Community Grants open for applications once a year. To learn more about the program, click here. To stay updated to when applications open, make sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram.