Severe weather driving tips to keep you safe

Severe weather driving tips to keep you safe Winter driving poses its own set of challenges. Hail, storms, rain, flooding, snow, and severe winds can impact road conditions. Here are some of our top tips for staying safe whilst driving on the roads this winter. Driving in wet weather Driving in wet weather can make the roads slippery and lower your...

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Prepare your vehicle for the road

Whether it’s taking a long drive to the beach or ducking down to the local oval for your kids’ big game, keep you and your passengers safe by making routine checks to ensure your car’s in tip-top condition. Whether it’s driving to work, driving to buy groceries or driving on a long road trip, it’s always a good idea to have your vehicle in tip-top ...

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Car insurance for learner drivers

Car insurance for learner drivers Learning to drive is an exciting milestone. So, if it’s your first time behind the wheel or you’re guiding a learner driver, here’s all you need to know about ensuring you’re protected on the road with the right kind of insurance. Learning to drive is the tipping point between relying on public transport or parents...

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