Want to learn about some key tips to save money for future spending? In this blog we’ll go through establishing a budget, creating short term savings goals, setting up your savings and checking your credit report. These are key practices to get in the habit of for an effective savings plan that teaches you how to save money.

Establish your budget

Get in the habit of tracking your spending by asking for a receipt for everything you purchase. You can then input your expenses into our budget calculator which will show you if you are ahead of your savings or if you’re in the red. The best way to save money is to identify where you can cut back on expenses and redirect that money into savings.

Identify where your money is going each month by checking your direct debits on your statements. A good saving tip is to double check your regular payments to loans and credit cards for accuracy to make sure you’re paying the correct amounts.

Aim for short term savings goals

Setting aside a certain amount at regular intervals is one of the best saving tips you can implement. Base this off how regularly you are paid from your employer. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly deposits into a savings account will help you reach that savings goal for a new TV, car, holiday or whatever it may be. Short term savings goals will keep you motivated and on track. Make sure they are SMART goals – specific measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. People have more success with a savings plan when saving for long term items but starting with short term goals.

Set Up Automatic Savings

Every pay have your employer split a certain amount of your pay and transfer it to a retirement or savings account. Horizon does this in the form of a payroll split. We can split your pay so nominated amounts go into different accounts. This is the most effective way to save, as it puts extra cash out of sight and out of mind before you can spend it. Once you have your automated savings setup, you can then use a savings calculator to estimate how long it will take you to reach your savings goal.

Plan gift-giving well in advance

Keep a birthday book, or calendar for family and friends birthdays so you know when everyone’s birthday is coming up. This is the best way to save money on birthday presents, as you can take the opportunity to look for items on sale. Avoid impulse buying when it’s left last minute; take the time to choose a gift within your budget that the recipient will appreciate.

Check your credit report once a year

It is advantageous to have a good credit score when applying for a loan. A credit report tells lenders how trustworthy you are as a borrower and assists with your loan application. Keep track and make sure the information on your file is not outdated as this could impact your ability to apply for loans. Certain sites provide one free credit report a year. Check out the Australian Government website for more information.

If you’re looking for more information on accessing a credit report, or want to know how yours will impact your loan application, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

If you need some extra help with your overall planning and saving goals Get in touch with the friendly team at Horizon Bank today and let us help you on your savings journey.

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