With a growing number of networks and sellers, finding comprehensive mobile phone deals is becoming much easier without paying a hefty monthly fee. If you’re coming to the end of a contract or want to get a better-prepaid deal, here are a few ways to reduce the price.


Think about what you need

Modern mobile phones come with many bells and whistles, which come at a premium. Often the cost of the device and its internal capability is rolled into the plan, meaning you’re paying for features you don’t need or use.

Before speaking to retailers, think about how you use your phone. Often, that will dictate things like the camera quality, data capacity and model of phone you need. If your usage and needs are more limited, you may save significantly by choosing an older device model. If you have a device you are happy to continue using, it may be worth considering a SIM-only plan. 


Research the best price for the model you want

Once you’ve identified what you need, check the price different retailers and network providers charge for that model. You may need to survey friends and call a few different stores to ask about the specifics, then keep a log of the lowest prices offered. 

It could also be worth waiting a few weeks to a month to see if any specials emerge through the phone networks you’ve got an eye on.


Be prepared to haggle and use comparison websites

When you’re armed with the information about how much the model you want typically retails for, speak to a few providers about what they can offer. Some networks give discounts to students, retirees and long-term customers, as well as trying to entice new customers with sign-up deals. It never hurts to ask. Comparison sites such as Canstar, can also provide insight into the different options available.


Consider a second-hand or "hand me down" device

As with many things, second-hand phones tend to retail at a significant discount. Hit up your friends and family to see if anyone has upgraded recently and is looking to offload an unlocked device. Some major retailers offer second-hand phones for sale – again, at heavily reduced prices.


Weigh up the cost of long-term plans

At a headline level, longer-term plans often appear cheaper. For example, if you’re offered $50 a month for two years or $35 a month for three, the latter sounds more enticing. However, it’s worth considering whether there are any hidden costs or downsides, such as the inability to get a new device if yours is lost, damaged or stolen. Be sure to ask about additional fees, such as activation fees, administrative charges, or roaming fees when you travel, before signing up for a plan.

It’s important to read the fine print – including the costs to pay out the plan if necessary. If something unexpected happens – like losing your job – you don’t get a big surprise if you need to end your contract early. A pre-paid SIM can also be something to look into if you want to pay upfront.


In conclusion, getting a better phone deal involves careful consideration of your needs, thorough research, negotiation skills, exploring second-hand options, and understanding long-term plan costs. By following these tips, you can find a phone deal that offers great value and meets your requirements without putting a strain on your finances.

Ready to start hunting for the best phone deals? Remember these tips as you explore your options and make an informed decision. Your perfect phone and plan await you, so get started today and enjoy the savings!

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