When you apply to open your first everyday account with Horizon, you can choose to open a Redisavings, Advantage 55 or an Advantage savings account. If your application to open an account is approved you will subsequently become a member.

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To become a member of Horizon and a shareholder, you will be required to pay a one-off cost of $2. There is no minimum deposit required to open a savings account with us.

You can arrange to make deposits to your account by:

  •  direct credit of payroll or other income;
  •  transfer from another savings or transaction account;
  •  Online or phone transfer; or
  •  over the counter at any branch of Horizon Bank. 

Accessing your money will depend on the particular features of your account however we offer an extensive range of access facilities:

  •  Visa Debit & Credit Cards
  •  Online Banking
  •  Phone Banking
  •  BPAY®
  •  Electronic funds transfer
  •  Branch withdrawal 

Statements are issued monthly or six monthly. Statements are also available through Online Banking when you register for eStatements.

Account information and balances are also available through Online Banking and Phone Banking

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