Travelling? Need some help in sorting out the money side of things? Whatever you need, we can help.


Why not order your foreign cash ahead of time before leaving Australia and take the hassle out of queues at the airport. We have the ability to offer you Australia’s largest range of currencies and denominations. Major currencies such as US Dollars, British Pounds, Euro and New Zealand Dollars can be made available for pick up usually the next working day***.

Don’t forget, we also repurchase your unused foreign currency when you return from your overseas trip.

We can sell and repurchase over 30 currencies in a variety of denominations:


Destination Currency Name Destination Currency Name
Bahrain Bahrain Dinar Papua New Guinea New Guinea Kina
Brunei Brunei Dollar New Zealand New Zealand Dollar
Canada Canadian Dollar Norway Norwegian Krone
China Chinese Yuan Oman Omani Rial
Cyprus Cyprus Pound** Phillippines Philippine Peso
Denmark Danish Krone Qatar Qatar Riyal
Egyptian Egyptian Pound* Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Riyal
Europe Euro Singapore Singapore Dollar
Fiji Fijian Dollar Soloman Islands** Solomon Islands Dollar
French Pacific French Pacific Franc South Africa South African Rand
Great Britain British Pounds South Korea South Korean Won
Hong Kong Hong Kong Dollar Sweden Swedish Krona
Hungary Hungarian Forint Switzerland Swiss Franc
Indonesia Indonesian Rupiah Taiwan New Taiwan Dollar
Japan Japanese Yen Thailand Thai Baht
Malaysia Malaysian Ringgit United Arab Emirates U.A.E. Dirham
Malta Maltese Lire** United States United States Dollar
Mauritius Mauritius Rupee Vauatu Vanuatu Vatu
    Western Samoa* Samoan Tala