Please note the branch at 13 Auburn Street has moved to 27 Stewart Street, Wollongong

Member parking available. Hours: 8.30-4.30 Monday to Friday

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Welcome Lysaght CU Members

You now have access to 9 Horizon Bank branches spanning the Ilalwarra and South Coast. Find a list of Horizon branch locations here


Horizon Bank is a community bank. Anyone can open an account at Horizon Bank. Your family and friends can join by opening an account online at or by visiting a Horizon Bank branch.

*Online account opening available to Australian NSW residents aged 18 and over.

Members can be assured there have been no forced staff redundancies arising from the merger. Lysaght CU staff were promised the security of employment with Horizon. They have been warmly welcomed to our Horizon family and you will see their familiar faces in Horizon branches.

Interest Rates & Important Information

As per the Member Information Document sent to Lysaght Credit Union shareholders prior to voting for the merger …

The payment of a $200 per member Loyalty Incentive to LCU members is subject to the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Being an adult LCU member at the time of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) being signed on 1st August 2020; and

  2. Their  continued membership with Horizon for a period of 8 (eight) months after the Transfer Date (the payment to be made in December 2021).

NOTE: Adult shareholders excludes business accounts, club accounts, social accounts etc

Lysaght members will continue to operate under the same fee structure as they are now for 1 year.  After that date Horizon Bank fees & charges will apply to products & services.

You will not be required to pay a share to Horizon Bank.  Your $2 share with Lysaght will be applied to your Horizon Bank account.

Please note that members can use major banks’ ATMs free of charge.

You may use rediATMs as Horizon Bank is currently part of the rediATM network.

Yes, deposits totalling up to $250,000 are covered under the Financial Claims Scheme (previously known as Government Guarantee).

An interest rate flyer is available at all Horizon Bank branches. You can also find our interest rates on our website by clicking here

Questions about Everyday Banking 

You can do your Internet Banking by logging into Horizon website: and clicking on the Internet Banking tile in the top right hand corner. You'll be required to input your new Horizon member number. You member number consists of 6 digits. It includes your Lysaght member number and begins with a 2 followed by the required amount of zeros to make up the 6 digits. You can use your existing Lysaght passcode to gain access. If you have any issues with this, please call us on (02) 4224 7700.

Your Lysaght card & PIN will continue to work.  Once your card expires you will be issued a Horizon card.

Your membership number changed on 29 May. This was to avoid member number duplication. Your Horizon Bank member number consists of 6 digits. It includes your Lysaght member number and begins with a 2 followed by the required amount of zeros to make up 6 digits.


  • If your Lysaght member number is 123, your Horizon Bank member number will be 200123
  • If your Lysaght member number is 1234, your Horizon Bank number will be 201234
  • If your Lysaght member number is 12345, your Horizon Bank number will be 212345

The Lysaght CU app ceased to operate on 28 May 2021.  Members are required to install Horizon Bank’s app. The app is available from the App Store or from Google Play. You will need your Horizon member number and current online banking password to register to use Horizon’s app.

Your direct debits and credits have been automatically transferred. There is no need to contact your debitors/creditors to change your account details.

If you wish set up a direct debit or direct credit you will need to use Horizon's BSB and your new member number. Horizon's BSB is 802 124.

If you were an existing user of phone banking you can call 1300 366 565. You will need to use your new Horizon member number. Your existing passcode will remain the same.

If you are not a current user of phone banking, you can register for this. You can register by contacting a Horizon Bank branch.

All mortgage securities have transferred automatically to Horizon Bank. There is no need to discharge a mortgage with Lysaght Credit Union and establish a new mortgage with Horizon Bank. Any new mortgage secured loans will be established with Horizon Bank.

The Springhill branch has closed. The Auburn Street branch has relocated to 27 Stewart Street (next door to Aldi). You may conduct all your banking at any one of our nine branches along the NSW South Coast. The Illawarra & Shoalhaven branches are located in the following suburbs:

  • Thirroul - 277a Lawrence Hargrave Drive (next to IGA)
  • Wollongong – 27 Stewart Street (next to Aldi) we have parking for members in the car park at the rear
  • Albion Park – Shop 4, Albion Park Shopping Village, Terry Street
  • Nowra - Shop 1, 24 Berry St
  • Ulladulla - Woolworths Complex

Questions about loans transferring to Horizon Bank

Your loan and the current rate has automatically transferred to Horizon Bank. Fixed rate loans remain at the agreed fixed rate. Variable rates are subject to change, as they were at Lysaght CU.

Yes. Your periodical payments have transferred to Horizon Bank and will continue to be paid to your loan.

Call into the branch at 27 Stewart Street or call 4224 7700.

Normal Lysaght fees and charges apply unless advised otherwise. If you wish to change to a different loan product or fix your loan, fees and charges will apply. Check the Loans Fees & Charges brochure for more information.

If you have an offset account, it has automatically transferred to Horizon Bank.

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