At Horizon Bank, we’re changing the way people think about traditional banking with a focus on providing a superior, human-centred customer experience. We know that a company for the future must aim to holistically align with the needs of the future - not just the economic needs, but also the environmental and societal needs of the world around us. So we’re on a mission to put environmentally-friendly choices at the heart of all we do at Horizon.

Green Horizons

Green Horizons is a key strategic initiative of Horizon Bank to be, and be seen as being, a responsible and influential environmental citizen.

This initiative supports Horizon's strategic citizenship vision - 'To contribute meaningfully to the environment, the community and the mutual industry'.

The motivation for implementing 'Green Horizons' is our environmental concerns and the alarming rate of global warming. Dire consequences are likely to result if changes aren't made to the way in which society manages resources and our carbon emissions. There's a lot we can do to reduce our footprint on the environment. The following business activities are just the start.

Renewable Power

Horizon has been on a long-term journey constantly looking at ways to reduce our energy use and ultimately our carbon footprint.

Horizon Bank head office is powered by solar energy. All of Horizon’s sites nine sites including head office are powered by 100% GreenPower (and have been for many years) which we purchase direct from our retail electricity provider.

GreenPower is a government-managed program that independently audits electricity providers to make sure the right amount of renewable energy is fed into the grid on the customer’s behalf.

To find out more about GreenPower, visit the GreenPower website.


Ethical Banking

Did you know that where you choose to invest your money can have a significant impact on people and the planet?

This is because the money you put in your account can be used by banks to make loans and investments. The industries that your bank chooses to lend to can have an influence on the state of the world we all live in. Horizon Bank is a responsible and influential environmental citizen. As such, Horizon Bank does not directly invest in, or provide loans to, any company in the fossil fuel, gambling, tobacco or arms trading industries. If you are uncertain of a financial institutions position on this issue, you can visit Market Forces.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As a bank, we acknowledge that our regular business activities may still require the use of paper. We have installed printers with double sided printing capabilities and encourage each of our branches and head office to save paper this way. Our printer & photocopier supplier participates in a reforestation scheme which plants trees in lieu of paper we consume. To date, 366 trees have been reforested via our partner Print ReLeaf, whom we have been a partner with since June 2015.

All Horizon Bank letterhead documents and envelopes are carbon-neutral, 100% recycled paper.

Horizon aims to reduce the use of air conditioning and the costs involved by installing blinds, reflectors and awnings specific to head office and each of our branches. Head office is also equipped with sensor lights so during business hours only occupied offices or meeting rooms have lights on.


Green Product Suite

Horizon Bank rewards our members who wish to reduce their carbon footprint by offering discounted interest rates for new and used electric and hybrid vehicle loans. Additionally, our Green Personal Loan can be used to finance the cost of environmentally friendly products.



In November 2022, Horizon Bank was a second-place finalist in the WeMoney Green Awards under the category of Green Customer Owned Bank of the Year